Hot Air Episode: #11 Ambivalent Talks To Joe Europe


In the current climate of electronic music most people have to become a Jack of all trades but only very rarely do you come across someone who is truly accomplished in as many fields as Kevin McHugh. He’s an excellent DJ, runs two very highly respected labels, Delft and Valance, and is a consummate producer under the monikers LA4A and Ambivalent. Across all of these, he is completely uncompromising, focusing on maintaining the highest quality output whilst not getting bogged down in the hype that often surrounds our scene. As a personal fan, I was really excited to catch up with him to find out about the long and colourful journey that has led him to be one of the most respected figures in techno. We cover a broad range of topics, and I absolutely loved his story about his first DJ gig ever which happened to be here in sunny London.

Listen to the podcast below, brought to you courtesy of Rode microphones, whom without this would never have been possible..


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