Hippie Dance Takeover: An Interview With Fantastic Twins


Fantastic Twins are a Hippie Dance mainstay, releasing tracks that would not sound out of place on the Drive soundtrack or a Lynch-esque film. Records dripping with woozy synths, creeping, reverberating vocals and copious clashing cymbals.

It's hard to tell if Fantastic Twins are their own entity or an entirely fictional creation living inside Julienne Dessagne's head. They sat down with Hippie Dance label heads Superpitcher and Rebolledo (or did they? Who knows?) to talk metamorphosis and holidays.

You went from The Truly Fantastic Dessagne Twins from Saint Étienne to The Twins to The Fantastic Twins. Are you a 'transittwin'?

Take it as a metaphor of the Twins breaking free from the chains of parenthood. Take it as the metamorphosis of a creature challenging their creator. As the graduated accumulation of their superpowers. And it's not the end yet. A twin's life is a transit. To The New You.

In September 2017 you will be releasing a new EP on Hippie Dance. One of the tracks is called 'Time Science'. Do you think time is speeding up or do you think we are going back in time?

Was it a Tuesday?…..Or Thursday? I don't know…it's such a blur.

Two other tracks on the EP are called Hey (Again) and The New You. Do you belive in reincarnation? 

I believe there are twins everywhere, although we can't see them in the flesh. One day the twins are a flower, another day they're an old sock. Some days they are in the air and other times they are stuck in my chest.

Hippie Dance released your track 'Holiday' on our Combinado Volume Dos. Do you think holy days and holidays have something in common? Do you have a favourite holiday spot?

Holy days and holidays are two very different things for me, Julienne. Holy days are when the Twins pay me a visit and holidays when they disappear. For the Twins it's precisely the opposite- holy days when they celebrate not seeing my face and holidays when they pay me a visit. As for my favourite holiday spot? Well, when I have a holiday I spend it in my studio desperately waiting for a holy day. The Twins, they like to spend their holiday in the sky. They pretend there's a good disco up there.

Listen to 'The New You' below:

'The New You' EP is forthcoming on Hippie Dance this September. 

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