Gone To A Rave #59 – The Rave Map Of Britain


A month or so back there was a great thread on the Long Live Beautifully Crafted Jungle facebook group talking about old skool jungle producers based outside of London. There’s a tendency to emphasis the capital’s involvement in the creation of jungle, forgetting just how many people were dotted around the country making their own rendition of the sound – this list was an attempt to redress that. When someone suggested sticking all the producers on a map, I thought I’d have a crack. Once I’d started adding producers, I started thinking about chucking in raves as well – I’ve got a fairly large bank of flyers to work from (shouts to Tonya for her collection!), so now I’ve got a map where producers and the raves nearby them can be seen side by side – alien heads for producers and smiley faces for ravers, obvs. 

With the producers, it’s interesting to see how much more psychedelic the stuff being produced further afield from London was – there’s far more people delving into the melodic pads and cosmic space jams of intelligent jungle. It’s tempting to assume this is a response to living in less built up environment – you’d be less likely to fill your tracks with dog barks and police sirens if you weren’t hearing them on a daily basis… Special mention has to go to Beccles, a small town just outside of Norwich which somehow produced PFM, Flytronix and Hyper On-Experience. Who knows what was going on up there in the 90s…    

This is very much a work in progress, its way more time consuming than I was expecting – but I’d love any suggestions for producers or raves that need to be in there. Likewise, I’ve also almost certainly got some of it wrong, so please tell me in the comments below if there’s any glaring balls ups..! 


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