Audio Love April Fools Special


Junior Loves / Scientific Dreamz of U – The Dreamcode (1080p)

Back in the day when I used to frequent cosmic raves in the darkest depths of Shropshire there was a phenomenon called the Trance Falcon and I want to share it with you now. The musical output of these parties was nothing if not varied. It was here that my love for the sounds of Chicago and Detroit was born, but it has to be said that there was a lot of dubious music to contend with too. Every now and again a DJ might stray into particularly “spiritual” trance music territory. Not the rug-a-dug pulse of “psy-trance” though, I’m talking more spirally and cosmic sounds often played by painter/decorators with bandanas and ponytails. You get the picture. In these instances my friends and I would descend onto the dancefloor and all begin to summon down the Trance Falcon and beg it to swoop us up in its mystical wings and bear us off to the astral dancefloor in the sky. So, with these connotations in mind, I was absolutely made up to be sent a preview of this new tape release from Junior Loves and Scientific Dreamz of U who appear to be building up their own mythology of a cosmic electro-kestrel that connects spiritually with us through completely fucking way out music.

Now I don’t want my above drawl to be taken for me linking this latest release from the excellent Vancouver based 1080p records with the woeful, substandard trance music associated with the Trance Falcon. Make no mistakes, this tape is fucking brilliant. Each artist takes a side and immerses you in their warm, esoteric, ambient imaginations that bring to mind 90s sci-fi, old copies of Omni Magazine, spiritualist cults and the aforementioned cosmic kestrel soaring on the psilosybe crosswinds in your mind. There’s a clear contrast between the work of the two artists; Junior takes a much more ambient slant and SDOU’s tracks delve into intense, chugging techno and acid territory. Both of these guys have done excellent music in the past for the likes of R-Zone, Tabernacle and Bokhari and this collaboration is a fine addition to their respective catalogues. It’s available now from the 1080p bandcamp on tape and also digi download and I strongly recommend you check it out.  

Out now on tape and digi-download. Available from the label bandcamp here for 8 Canadian dollars. What the fuck that means in real money I have no idea but I’m sure it’s a bargain. 

**Enjoy responsibly with a cup of mushroom tea and a fully accredited spirit guide**

Mix Mup – Sky Intro (Trilogy Tapes)

Lorenzo Linder (Mix Mup) has made some pretty eye-opening music over the past couple of years and if you need proof of this just check his outing on Hinge Finger a year or so back and his previous offerings on Trilogy Tapes alongside the don that is Kassem Mosse. Raw, powerful and challenging but still inviting and playable. He’s now just dropped another EP on TTT and it’s possibly my favourite work by him yet. The 4 tracker is drenched in his trademark eerie aesthetic, with solid but broken drum patterns and spun out atmospherics. But it’s not all just heads down, geeky boy-music. There’s also genuine warmth and feeling here too which I think is why it resonates with me so strongly. Just check the distant midi-sax licks in the background of “Curtain Scene”. This is high quality from start to finish and no mistake.

Out now on wax 

Jose Padilla – Day One (International Feel)

Jose Padilla needs no big intro from me so for once in my life I’ll just shut up and let the music do the talking. Beautiful, sun-drenched house music from one of the all time greats with a lovely Telephones mix to boot. What more could you ask for?

Out now on wax and digi

Ruf Dug – EP1 (Cosmic Pint Glass)

The half-speed-hero Ruf Dug is all set to drop an absolute bomb on the wonderfully named Cosmic Pint Glass records. This EP shows off his supreme talent for making beautifully crafted, slightly mental, slow-mo chuggers and it’s well worth checking out when it drops on the 6th April. The EP kicks off with “Guybrush Threepwood Does DMT and goes Paragliding at Sunset” which brings back warm memories of a misspent youth playing Monkey Island and eating Weetabix fresh from the microwave with heaps of brown sugar melting on top. From here we move onto “Joanna” which is a lovely, emotive builder. Finally we’ve got a Chicago Damn dub of “Joanna” which does everything you want it to. Brilliant stuff.

Pre-order here