8 Track: Plaid’s Bestest Electronic Tracks From 92


Plaid are Andy Turner and Ed Handley – as you may well know – and after 26 years of working together, they've decided it was about time they commemorated this milestone with the rite of passage all significant public figures must partake in: an 8 tracks for Ransom Note. Last year they released their tenth album, Reachy Prints. The title refers to like creating art and capturing ideas in like an art way. Over their career, their collaborations have seen them work with Björk, the London Sinfonietta, and the Southbank Gamelan Players, alongside other varied artists, and innovators in music technology.

They're also involved in the development of the Mogees Gadget, that allows you to turn any object into a musical instrument with just a small device that connects to your smart phone. By any object, we're hoping they really mean *any* object. Because we're thinking diggers, buildings, people and spoons. But I mean, if you whack anything hard enough it becomes a musical instrument really. Mate.

They'll be releasing their latest EP 'EGR45 – 00001' on the new Swedish label, Elektron Grammafon to great fanfare with an event at Corsica Studios on 15th August.

Plaid will be live at Corsica Studios on 15th August, get your tickets here, I suppose.

In Sync - Storm

Lee Purkis with one of the greatest techno records.

  • In Sync - Storm

    Lee Purkis with one of the greatest techno records.

  • Atypic / Otaku / 1992

    We made this with Danny Arno for Rising High

  • Polygon Window - Ut1 - Dot

    Aphex as Polygon Window on an early compilation

  • C.J. Bolland - Nightbreed (1992)

    Great queezy advanced techno

  • [1992] Daniel Bell - Scp#1 - (B1) Planet Earth

    Lovely and strange

  • Link - Amenity (1992)

    Beauty from Mark Prithard and Tom Middleton

  • Future Sound Of London - Papua New Guinea (Breakbeat 1992)

    So lush at the time and still is really

  • Musicology - Hall Of Mirrors

    Sweet Detroit techno from the UK’s B12