Premiere: Certain Times – Naturally Nothing

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Certain Times – Desire – Cover Art

Synth-pop from wife-husband duo previously in Carnivores that attempts to “exercise collective anxiety through the power of movement shaded by familiar melodies.”

In Certain Times, when the world was shrouded in an eerie stillness, an inexplicable phenomenon known as the Double Phantom gripped the land. It was a phenomenon where, naturally, nothing seemed real anymore.

The Double Phantom was an occurrence, casting a disorienting spell upon everything it touched. Shadows became tangible, whispers echoed twice, and reality appeared as a blurred reflection of itself.

In the heart of this perplexing enigma, a lone wanderer found themselves trapped. Their existence felt fractured, caught between two worlds, forever teetering on the edge of comprehension. Time lost meaning, and their own reflection became a haunting apparition.


In their struggle to escape the clutches of the Double Phantom, the wanderer discovered a hidden strength—a resilience born from the depths of their own uncertainty. Through sheer determination, they pieced together the fragments of their fractured reality, defying the unnatural forces that sought to engulf them.

And in the end, the wanderer emerged from the Double Phantom, forever changed. They carried with them the scars of an otherworldly encounter, a testament to their unwavering spirit amidst the chaos of certain times when naturally, nothing could be taken for granted.


Husband-wife duo Certain Times are a synthpop project based in Brooklyn, NY with a long musical history in the Atlanta music scene– members of 2010s garage-rock band Carnivores and more recently Nathaniel producing records for Sub Pop band Omni.

Full album Desire is out June 9th. Pre-Order here.

Naturally Nothing is the last track from the album.

Listen below: