William Basinski To Play Tokyo, Brussels, Nantes and Greece for the last leg of his global Tour


Having just graced the UK with his enigmatic presence, experimental music visionary William Basinski heads to Tokyo, Brussels, Nantes and Athens to close off his 2022 tour. Taking place across a number of stunning theatres and music halls, these will provide the perfect setting to his striking, signature sound.

An evolution of hauntingly dark but astonishingly beautiful loops, Basinski’s music is known for drawing on decay, disintegration and a melancholy that brings listeners closer in a trance-like meditation. Shapes appear, memories rise and fade, and surroundings melt away. Expect your eyes to close and your senses to sharpen as you go on a journey inside your own body and mind, at the end emerging in closer connection with the whole room around you and the music a new part of your soul forever.


November 19 Shibuya WWW, Tokyo, JP
November 22 Theatre Leuven, Leuven, BE
November 25 Lieu Unique, Nantes, FR
November 28 Parnassos Hall. Athens GR
Full Details mmlxii.com / instagram

Full Details mmlxii.com / instagram