Ōtium release VA to raise money for Ukrainian war relief


Parisian label Ōtium have released Liminal Spaces, a new various artists compilation featuring nine artists.

There’s music from Lawrence Lek, Okay Vivian, JS Donny and more, all of whom were invited to create music that explored the concept of grey-area.

This is linked to the idea of liminal space and described by the label as “a transitional location, or a state being, in between two others, often empty, abandoned, that feels cold, nostalgic and slightly unsettling, but also familiar to our minds”.


Sonically it is a disconcerting yet comforting listening experience, ranging from strange spoken word pieces and outsider pop to strange ambient soundscapes and deconstructed club experiments.

The release was developed just before the war began in Ukraine so the label made the decision to donate all proceeds to Helping To Leave, an NGO who are helping people evacuate areas affected by the Ukrainian war.

1. Xuri & John Cleworth – Lemorah
2. Morfine – On & Off
3. Jeune Galois – Symony Ochesa
4. JS Donny – DubCore3
5. Thirdworldlabour – Assembly Lines
6. Ryong – Heartbreaker
7. Lawrence Lek – Coldharbour
8. Okay Vivian – Hide U

Liminal Spaces is out now on Ōtium.