Wiley & Dizzee Rascal Beef Erupts Again On Twitter


Wiley and Dizzee rascal have re-ignited their beef after a Twitter feud yesterday that saw death threats and allegations of underage sex. I'm not gonna bother embedding the tweets as they'll probably get deleted at some point but you can follow them here and here.

The long-running beef had already re-ignited earlier this year when Wiley promised to drop a 10-minute war dub after hearing reports that Dizzee was preparing a diss track for his then-upcoming Raskit album. Wiley's dub never materialised, not did Dizzee's full-on diss, although album track 'The Other Side' contained some pretty clear shots at Wiley.

Yesterday the whole thing kicked off again in quite some style on Twitter. Wiley (who released his Godfather album earlier this year) asked Dizzee's manager Nick to stop marketing Dizzee as the "Godfather" in promo for an upcoming tour. He then turned his attention to Dizzee, accusing him of being selfish and resting his entire legacy on Boy In Da Corner.

Declaring "I'm not the Godfather I'm GOD", Dizzee clapped back with the (not so dramatic if you've been following) revelation that Wiley enjoys having sex with underage girls, and was once "beaten half to death" for "fucking with" with his DJ's 14 year old sister. This was disputed by Tinchy Stryder before Wiley dismissed the claim as Dizzee trying to drum up promo for his undersold tour, but Dizzee wouldn't back down, claiming "I've never seen a nonce so protected since Saville."

In a now-deleted tweet, Dizzee also came out with a pretty explicit death threat:

"Wiley I know you think all this trolling is funny but one day you're [going to] push me too far and I'm going to kill you. I hope you keep laughing."

After some more admittedly pretty hilarious baiting ("If your tour ain’t selling u should of just rang me Bruv I would of came down there and lit it up ffs"), Wiley then uploaded a freestyle aimed explicitly at Dizzee – it's since been taken down but you can watch it below:

Dizzee has since backtracked a little, claiming that he "said a lot of crazy shit" and specifically apologising for referring to himself as God. What's clear is that anyone following this beef wants to see the two MCs clash in person – so please, take it to Lord of the Mics boys!

Also well worth a listen – East London MC Maxsta dropped a new track called 'King Dizzee' in the middle of the beef, which asks some pretty piercing questions about the whole affair:

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