Visage Release Stems For ‘Fade To Grey’


This is a first as far as we're aware – whilst current artists have been known to occasionally release the stems of their tracks for remix (that's the seperate musical componants of a track, for those of you who don't do producer lingo) – UK new romantic pioneers Visage are releasing the original stems from their peerless 80s classic Fade To Grey. For a limited time you can download every thing from the Steve Strange vocal, to the breathy French spoken word bit, to the synth bassline that has made dancefloors rock for some 30 years. Then you can spend ages remixing it until you realise you're probably never gonna make it sound better than the original…

The stems are being released to commemorate the new Visage album – an orchestral reworking of a number of their tracks. You can grab the stems from here, and find out more about the new album over here – probably don't mess about getting them though, they'll be taken down by mid December.