Unkwon to release on ØEN Records under new alias A.dixen


ØEN Records have announced Death Tapes, a new album from A.dixen. 

The first instalment of a trilogy to be released throughout 2019, the album explores dark dystopian soundscapes and meditative cuts. Better known as Unkwon and one third of electro group Av Av Av, the release is his first outing under this moniker and showcases a more introspective side to his productions. 

Recorded during the winter of 2018, A.dixen crafted the album using modular synths, organic source material and field recordings. This marks the eleventh release on ØEN Records, a collective and record label based in Copenhagen, who have previously released EPs from the likes of Forte, Future 3, Red Rosa and a series of cassette compilations focusing on the Danish underground.

The first volume is set for release on 15 March.

Pre-order HERE.