It would have taken me ages to figure out what song Tiga is covering here, were it not for the
internet and its bottomless spiral of vaguely useful information. So I can tell you this is a Candi
Stanton cover, and whilst I havent heard Tigas unmixed version, I can say that this new take on it from the forthcoming Turbo 88 comp is a horde of fidgity gummy bears necking the magic juice and hurling their chubby bodies willy nilly around the room, smashing out teeth and unsettling eyeballs.

It doesnt sound in any way at all like Candi Stanton, except for the bit where the vocals come in and you get the famous chorus I know youre gonna want me// But when you want me, it might be a different story- then its back to the dayglo bouncy hype sounds, and its all very very lively and pretty good in a raving til your toenails drop off way.

Ian Mcquaid