The Maghreban channels 90’s Techno on new track

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The distinguished producer has announced the release of a new single paying homage to the mid 90’s Techno era he once distanced himself from.

The Maghreban unveiled a new track online, showcasing a different side to his musical outlook, moving away from the Breaks and Jungle influences he is perhaps best associated with and turning his hat toward a deeper moving Techno sound inspired by mid 90’s music culture.

The single is the latest in a string of releases which have showcased a broader approach to his production as he reflects himself.

“Mid 90s, I hated techno and anything with a 4/4 kick drum. We were deep into jungle and had firmly gone with the darkside when it split. That kick drum was a signifier of the happy hardcore we rejected so passionately. I didn’t know I was getting techno sounds second hand, unaware that my drum and bass heroes were heavily influenced. Or even that some of the sounds I was hearing were direct rips.”


Titled ‘Running’ the track features ambient textures and dreamy stabs.

“25 years later and a lot more open minded, I looked after my old pal’s 303 along with his 90s techno collection when the rent wasn’t paid on the storage unit. I got to pick through a snapshot of that time at my own leisure. I ended up making this, influenced by what I was hearing, and using the 303 as well. He’s got all his stuff back now. Must give him a ring. Shout out Tobie.”

Listen below: