Like a good squad of nordic fisherman, R$N trawl through the bulging R$N promo MP3 inbox and bring today’s catches straight to your plate.

The Good

Still Going D117. Still Going Records, 4th July

Aaah, this one comes as a relief. Driven along by a sweet disco bass line and an understated kick, snare combo the track builds gradually with a fuzzed out guitar nicely complementing the groove before the luxuriously dubbed out female soul vocals (Lizzy Yoder of Fischerspooner apparently) come floating in and out to give the tune some emotional heft. Tasteful touches of piano and sweet synth bleeps seal the deal. Infectious, hypnotic and soulful – it’s a late night, grown up tour de force.

The Bad

Hot City, Something Bout. Moshi Moshi May 14th

From the sublime to the ridiculous. In the grand scheme of things ‘Something Bout’ by Hot City isn’t that bad, but its fatal flaw is it’s lack of anything even approaching originality. Basically, Its Todd Edwards crossed with Inner City for the 2012 hipster house brigade. The clincher (in a bad way) is the naff thin midi 90s house piano that comes in halfway through. Mathew Herbert’s recently made a whole album using the sound of a pig, meanwhile Hot City are stuck in a rut trying to rehash some ‘Inner Edwards’ Dalston piano house remix nonsense. What’s the point? Bad.

The Ugly

ZDS, Twerk. Made To Play records May 14th

Booty House. It’s the sound of now, it’s the sound of forever! It’s the sound of black urban America being jetted into the headphones of the home-counties! It’s the sound of massive arses gyrating in tiny thongs! It’s the sound of a $2.99 Chinese buffet being eaten by a coked up crocodile in a chi town crack spot! WUT?! HUH?! TWERK?! UUUGLY!

By Joe Evans