Tek Of Thrones Tour Guide To The Sounds Of The Seven Kingdoms


Teki Latex’s impressively expansive career includes being a member of progressive French hip-hop act TTC in the late 90s, in-house DJ for the Parisian wing of the Legendary House Of Ninja’s voguing team, co-founder of the Institubes and Sound Pellegrino labels and a residency on Rinse France. His DJ sets are a thrilling, multi-genred three deck riot through House, Techno, Ballroom, Grime, Garage and pretty much anything else with a groove that can be woven and reimagined to construct a uniquely explosive dancefloor experience.  

Taking into account this love for high-drama and interconnecting narratives (in a musical sense), it's perhaps no wonder Teki is also a devoted Game of Thrones fan too. When he's not leaving jaws on the floor during his Boiler Room sets he can be found recoding his much beloved #Tekofthrones episode re-cap videos and discussing the series in depth on social media

It seemed fitting then, deep in the throes of GoT season six and with a London gig on the immediate horizon, to combine a leaf through his encyclopedic sonic knowledge/ record bag with a romp through the Seven Kingdoms, taking in awkward MC battles, wild after-parties and sexy Sparrows as we go.

The song you would play to resurrect Jon Snow (or an ailing dancefloor): 

Donna Summer 'I Feel Love' blended with Perc & Fractal 'Up Tool' that's a little routine I use nowadays to signal the dancefloor that from this moment on, it's absolutely 'on'. It builds and builds and raises the dead

A record that would make even the High Sparrow feel a bit sexy:or

It has to be Jodeci 'Freak'N You' that would definitely make the High Sparrow wanna get down and dirty with Olenna Tyrell on the floor of the great Sept of Baelor. 

A Girl With No Name is holding a party for the Faceless Man, they’ve asked you to play strictly underrated or under-the-radar bumpers. What do you start with? 

A man shall play a tune called 'Sirenzz' by a man who calls himself Zini. A dancefloor is usually very much entertained when hearing such a tune. 

You’re a royal music advisor to Daenerys Targaryen and are making playlists for court. What are the dragons into?

Dragonforce 'Through the Fire and the Flames '

Ramsay Bolton and Jon Snow are settling it with a rap battle. Describe each one’s style using an example from an existing rapper past or present. 

That's tricky cause battle raps are kinda lame and as much as I hate Ramsay he doesn't strike me as the 'battle MC' kind, nor does Jon who is a shy dude unaware of his own power. But to mirror the situation in the show I would say:

Jon : 'Don't call it a comeback' ('Mama Said Knock You Out'- LL Cool J)  cause he's like, resurrected and stuff. 

Ramsay : 'Pull your spine through your mouth and watch your body drop' (Saafir) or 'rip off all your flesh and make an outfit' (Cage) cause that sounds like things he would actually do to people including members of his own family.

The tune that would soundtrack an after-party with Tyrion Lannister:

Notorious BIG 'Party & Bullshit' but definitely not Skee-Lo 'I Wish I Was a Little Bit Taller' cause Tyrion doesn't give a shit. 

Winter is coming. The dancefloor needs warming. What’s your go-to track for instant heat? 

 Daft Punk 'Burnin' sounds like it would be perfect for the job and sorry for the self-promo but Loom 'Burnt Glass' coming soon on Sound Pellegrino probably would too. 

A record so beautiful it would thaw The Night King White Walker’s heart?

Slackk 'Monument'. Cold as ice but so beautiful and pure

Bran Stark is having a flashback vision of one of your favourite ever gigs, what does he see?

He's seeing me play 'Bring In The Katz' into 'The Ha Dub Rewerk'd' several years ago at Cakeshop in Seoul 

A Lannister always pays his/ her debts, House Martell are ‘Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken’ what’s the motto of House Teki Latex (can also be expressed as a record that never leaves your bag..)?

Can I borrow the Ironborn's 'what is dead may never die but rises again harder and stronger'? As a nod to the many phases of my schizophrenic career and the many doors that were closed in front of me which I managed to break. I love the mythology behind the Ironborn, it's too bad most of them are either super cruel or super lame, thank the Drowned God for the excellent Yara though. 

You’ve got one tune to defeat all others and put you on the Iron Throne, what is it? 

For obvious reasons it should be two songs. A blend of Wiley's 'Ice Rink' and Vangelis 'Chariots of Fire'. Actually three songs since the Dragon has three heads: add the acapella to the 'Rains of Castamere' on the 3rd CDJ to represent rumoured third head Tyrion Lannister. 

Finally, a favourite GoT fan-theory?

I can't talk about GoT fan theories any more or my girlfriend is gonna dump me. Besides, now that every random on the planet knows about R+L=J what's the point. And who cares about the bones of the great sea snake Nagga being really calcified weirwood trunks or Patchface being the Great Other or Melisandre being the child of Brynden Rivers and Shiera Seastarr just enjoy the show maaaan lol. 

Teki Latex plays Les Poppeurs this Saturday at Dalston Superstore. 

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