Tech Support has self-released a 40-track EP of old material


London-based producer Tech Support has shared a mammoth collection of 40 original tracks, available now as a Bandcamp exclusive.

Made up of material he’s produced between 2016 and 2022, the release traces all the different influences that can be heard in his music, from Balearic, disco and house to chug, Italo, ambient and trance.

Available for just ยฃ5, the reason for releasing this archive of sounds is to close a chapter of his work as Tech Support before moving on to new projects this year.


Tech Support is London-based producer Ned Dickinson, who has released music on labels including Futureboogie, Nocturne and Dansu Discs. He also operates under the guise of Asa Tate.

Listen to the snippets.

Buy the release from Bandcamp.