Sleaford Mods announce their next studio album ‘UK Grim’

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Written by Grace Morton

Spoken word spat out staccato over a minimalist dance beat. Nottingham’s post-punk duo Sleaford Mods continue to harass with their brand new album release ‘UK Grim’ due to drop on 10 March 2023. Teaming up with British collage artist and satirist Cold War Steve, Sleaford Mods release their new official video providing us with a glimpse of their latest take on dismantling those in power piece by piece.

With this new album, head of production Andrew Fearn is charged with sonically mixing things up, embracing the electro side of their electro-punk status. ‘UK Grim’ is said to be the ‘most dancefloor friendly release to date’.

Sleaford Mods recently released their newest single ‘Dirty Rat’ with Orbital on 10 October 2022, a remix embracing the duos emergence from the rave scene with a distinct trance influence.

It would be expected to assume that ‘UK Grim’ may be composed of similar dance elements whilst embracing Fearn’s stripped back production.


With previous collaborations on their last album ‘Spare Ribs’ with Billy Nomates and Amy Taylor, on ‘UK Grim’ the Mods work with more notable names in the post-punk sphere such as Perry Farrell and Dave Navarro of Jane’s Addiction and Florence Shaw of Dry Cleaning.

As an attack on the self-serving ruling classes, Williamson speculates on his own sense of individualism. He promotes the concept of Englishness as striving to remove oneself from the nationalistic image of Englishness that the authorities impose. This seems like a logical progression from previous album ‘Spare Ribs’ that tackled the political overburden of the pandemic.

Along with the album release there are two exclusive live shows in Nottingham Rock City on 14 March and Kingston Pryzm on 15 March. Fans can access the shows by pre- ordering the album.