Rupert Cross releases new solo album on Besant Hall Records


Composer and producer Rupert Cross has released his first solo album since 2017 'Smart Shoes'.

Released on Besant Hall Records, a sub-label of Air-Edel, the 9-track album explores Cross' response to the loss of a close friend, a beautifully honest homage and celebration of their life. The album brings together influences that the dedicatee enjoyed including Radiohead and LCD Soundysystem, and involves collaborations with C.A.R, David Wilson and 1403. 

Rupert Cross works primarily as a composer in film, television and theatre, and as a producer is well known for his collaborations with Ivan Smagghe, who operate under the guise of Smagghe & Cross, and have released EPs on labels like Huntleys & Palmers, Offen, Idle Press and our own Ransom Note records. 

Rupert said of the album: “Unlike the output of Smagghe & Cross, which has since 2017 seen two albums (‘Ma’ on Offen Records and ‘Timothy Dalton’ on Idle Press) and two EP’s (‘Talking to Katz’ on Ransom Note and ‘MMMMMMM’ on Huntley’s and Palmers), this album has slowly developed over a long period of time. This album was written in response to a loss of a dear friend and as such it was important to me that it was done honestly and truthfully. It is an album fizzing with vibrancy and energy celebrating their life, and it is my hope this is an album they would have enjoyed.”

Track Listing:
1. Cosmonaut
2. BlindPigs
3. Ah
4. NowComeOn
5. KnifeySpoony
6. SmartShoes
7. A.P. Air Bass
8. TheSwimmer
9. GameOverMan,GameOver