Roots Manuva reveals New Single ‘Facety 2:11’


You might have thought that the day would never come.. but it has! Yes, British rapper Roots Manuva has unleashed a sneak aural peak of new single 'Facety 2:11', featuring the production skills of a Mr Kieran Hebden aka the mighty Four Tet. As you'll already now, Four Tet has been involved in some huge projects lately including a joint BBC radio 1 guest mix with man of the moment Jamie XX which featured unreleased material from the pair. So it's only natural to assume that 'Facety 2:11' is going to be something special. 

Glitchy shuffling beats paired with Roots Manuva's lyrical attitude and Four Tet's signature tone equals the 2 minutes 43 that is 'Facety 2:11'. This is what Manuva had to say to FADAR about the single. "The saga goes from tangent to tangent here in the primal decibel of infinite tribal dub-wise mutation show me your face skank, lets get feisty." 

Who doesn't love a bit of mutated tribal dub?

'Facety 2:11' will be released on 4th May, pre-order available via iTunes and Ninjashop

You can also catch the man himself supporting Blur at Hyde Park on the 20th of June.