Re-Issue OF Maurizio Bianchi & Ryan Martin ‘As Strong As Death Is’


Experimental sound virtuosos Maurizio Bianchi and Ryan Martin will re-issue their 2013 release 'As Strong As Death Is' with Backwards Records. The initial collaboration came about when NY-based Martin contacted Bianchi for a re-issue of his renound ambient record, Endometrio, back in 2008. Since then the duo have worked together on several projects, most notably the abstract and complex 'As Strong As Death Is.' The project aimed to provide a sonic score to the abstract concepts of marriage based on the biblical Song of Solomon. Originally released as a limited double cassette, it quickly sold out. The vinyl re-issue will include a press of 100 all-white limited copies, and 400 standard black copies. 

Stream part of the release below. Find out more HERE


Side A

1. Place Me As A Seal Upon Your Heart

Side B

2. As Strong As Death Is

Side C

3. Insistence On Exclusive Devotion

Side D

4. As Unyielding As She'ol Is


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