Preview: The Orb, Live At Brixton


Back in 1993 gig going was a much different beast than it is now. Obvious things like bar prices and phone screen bores aside, gigs were a much less self conscious experience where anything could happen. 

The Orb played a packed Leeds Town and Country club back in ‘93 to promote their sublime live “93” album. With only a bunch of 12”s and their classic albums, ‘’91’s Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld, pretty much an electronic reboot of Darkside of The Moon, and U.F.Orb a year later to their name, this phase of Alex Paterson’s work (flanked by Kris (Thrash) Weston, this was pretty much a ‘greatest hits’ tour with the act at its prime, number one albums, playing chess to the smoky dub track “Blue Room” on Top Of The Pops and the like.

Anyway, this gig was The Orb at their pomp, indulgent 25 minute versions of “"A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules from the Centre of the Ultraworld”, eye burning lazers, headfuck fractal backdrops and the putrid stench of bong water and the entire audience sprawled on the floor in a smoky haze made this gig arguably one of the greatest of all time which they promise to re-enact (bong water aside), for this gig.

This one off gig to celebrate the twenty fifth anniversary of their debut features some of Patterson’s finest collaborators, long time Orb partner Thomas Fehlmann, Youth, Gong legend Steve Hillage, and ex-Sex Pistol Paul Cook on drums (so fingers crossed they drop their Orb via The Pistols version of The Stooges’ classic “No Fun”, then). 

Punk and dub, and prog and ambient are genres that double up easily together, but all four together make uneasy bedfellows for anybody but Paterson and his band of merry electronic alchemists. 

If you need us, we’ll be the ones at the front in a spangled horizontal position.

Tickets are on sale HERE

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