Paradis’ Pierre Rousseau set for solo EP on Beats In Space Records


Pierre Rousseau makes his solo debut on Beats In Space Records, the label he graced as one half of Paradis at the label's outset in 2011. 

Penned for release on 27th March, Musique Sans Paroles sets a precent for the year, marking the first of three EPs from the French producer on the NYC label this year. 

Floating from earnest orchestration to radiant dance tracks, the six tracks showcase a return to Rousseau’s influences, instruments, and the city at the doorway of his origin as an artist. Following a period of dormancy for Paradis, Rousseau set upon his solo pursuits contributing to several projects, composing, producing for others and working with various artists, designers and writers. 

These exploits helped him understand his sound, leading him back home to paris and his first synthesizer, a Roland Juno 106, which resulted in the six compositions on Musique Sans Paroles. 

Alongside the music, director Joseph Bird collaborated with Rousseau on six “photographs with a pulse,” a series of visual stills with subtle emotional motives, aligning with each song on the EP.


Musique Sans Paroles
The Way You Made Me Feel

Listen to 'Paris', the first extract from Musique Sans Paroles, below.