Nathan Micay unveils ‘It’s Recess Everywhere’ from new album

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Nathan Micay by Mishael Philip (2023) 7

Nathan Micay unveils new track from his new album ‘To The God Named Dream,’ set for release on August 4th via LUCKYME.

Nathan Micay has unveiled a new track from his upcoming album ‘To The God Named Dream,’ out August 4th via LUCKYME.

Titled ‘It’s Recess Everywhere,’ the single showcases banjo duels – yes really – and rave vocals.

Drawing inspiration from classic role-playing games he’s created  “a haunted library record for the digital age.”


In recent years Micay has seen an evolution from club-focused music to a broader set of influences.  ‘To The God Named Dream’ represents this artistic growth and includes an original multiplayer board game accompanying the vinyl edition. With an array of prestigious commissions on the horizon, Micay demonstrates his post-modern mastery and invites listeners to roll the dice and embark on a captivating musical journey.

The record is available   SPOTIFY / BANDCAMP