Music musings 6/5


You know when you know about someone but have never really listened to them but know you should have? Well I had that realisation about The Sonics this week. My brother had them on his car last week and I was like who’s this, I know this. Upon further investigation I realised that I knew pretty much every one of their amazing records… blissful ignorance is great!

Behind the Mask – Greg Philinganes – massive, did you know Michael Jackson co-wrote/produced/whatevered this…? yes? well I didn’t.

Plastikman – Artifakts came on my itunes the other day… forgot how good it was. Psyk is fantastic.

My brother asked me to buy this for his bday – Jellies – not seen a copy for sale anywhere ever tho. Might have to mortgage a kidney for it, should it ever surface somewhere. It’s on a great re-edits album by Betty Botox AKA JD Twitch… only CD tho innit mate!

Another blissfully ignorant discovery this week too was that Pylon? Man, I’m out the loop and I love it… discovery, discovery!

Whilst dancing on my mate’s roof one morning over in West London, Kasper Bjorke became my new favourite discovery – now that might have been because I was a little the worse for wear by that time time but anyway… it’s great album and Efficient Machine off it with the geezer from WhoMadeWho is ace.

By then? Yes, by then I will be gone… Monday night in fact. Yeah bye!