Music musings 25/2


“life’s too short for jazz… i’m just too shallow for jazz…” so said i on monday morning as some jazzness came out the speakers… both of these statements are true of me i’d say… ok, everyone owns kind of blue but when jazz and dance collide i start to have a meltdown… anyway, enough of that.

Great video interview with Weatherall up at Electrik earlier this year about ‘not’ being a luddite and all things around that. “I don’t use the internet to buy records because I like to make things difficult for myself…” excellent. A true legend. Don’t forget tickets for Primal Scream playing the whole of Screamadelica go on sale first thing tomorrow morning… washed up has beens they may be but how lush would it be to hear the whole of this played through by them?? fukkin lush i’d say… still need to get me screamadelica stamps before they disappear too… note to self…

I love facebook, i really love the way I get a million invites for everything I don’t care about every five minutes… this is worth joining tho: save plastic people

he’s such a misreable old fukker – i don’t actually remember the last time i ever saw him smile but my brother stuck Ben Rymer’s most recent track La Trinciariceon a mix he did… and it’s fukkin lush. why does one love the people one hates?

played the extended mix of PSB always on my mind on sat night @ our 3rd party… sounded lush… in fact ben, you should come down sometime… tho the chances of you playing indie records in our shtty bar are probably minimal…

dammit, i wanted to dribble on about the free jockey slut cds on here too but i’ve run out of time and need to send this mailer out – i plan next week to have a whole section of love to these bundles of joy that used to arrive attached free to each and every magazine that came through my door each month. brightened a bleary morning and beyond…

oh and read ian’s review of rihanna… he’s so right, it’s a massive record… shame she’s ripped off MIA/Keith Haring wholesale in the video… otherwise it’d be proper ace!

Thanks for getting this far in me nonsense!