Mister Saturday Night Duo Release Debut Dj Mix


Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter, the duo behind celebrated New York party and label Mister Saturday Night, are set to release their debut DJ mix Weekends and Beginnings on the 18th November. Since its inception in 2009, the two have steadily built a loyal following around their Brooklyn based loft parties, taking revellers through the early hours with a welcoming atmosphere and eclectic extended sets.  Now twelve releases in, their imprint presides over a tight knit crop of established and new producers from both New York and the World at large working across the breadth of House music. Their inaugural 2012 release started in brilliant fashion, kick-staring the career of Anthony Naples with the ace Mad Disrespect in the process.

Weekends and Beginnings takes in the diversity of their sets, featuring raw Techno numbers from fellow New Yorker Anthony Parasole, the latin-jazz tinges of Modal and Motor City Drum Ensemble’s hypnotic rework of Caribou’s Leave House.  Leaving the last word to the duo themselves “When people ask us about Mister Saturday Night and Mister Sunday, we tend to focus on the details of the events. The seemingly little things like a friendly staff and a springy dancefloor make a big difference in how good a party is, but the main reason we pay attention to them is that we're trying to create the best environment for people to enjoy music. Before we're producers of parties and guys running a record label, we're DJs. Everything else we do with Mister Saturday Night and Mister Sunday comes from our desire to play records for people. That's what we're putting forward on Weekends and Beginnings.”