Maral announces third LP, ‘Ground Groove’


Iranian-American producer and DJ Maral has announced details of her third album, Ground Groove, set for release via Leaving Records.

Across the album’s 11 tracks, she showcases her signature sound, which fuses traditional Iranian samples with experimental electronics and crunchy rhythms, approached with a punk attitude.

Composed predominantly on Ableton, the record features more live recordings than her previous albums and sees her dig into her personal archive of Iranian folk, pop and classical music to create what she describes as “folk club”.


Through the use of these musical fragments from Iran, which she chops up, dissects and reframes within her music, Maral examines Iranian culture and contexts throughout history up to the present day.

The first single to be shared from the release is ‘Feedback Jam’, a fusion of signature Iranian melodies and punk-tinged electronics, all saturated in distortion. To accompany it, Maral has Brough on board artist Brenna Murphy, who is also responsible for the album artwork, to direct the video for the track.

Brenna explains that she was “working with simple geometries, atomizing them and composing recipes for flowing surfaces. The forms reflect structures I picked up in Maral‘s sounds- hinges, doorways, moving walls.” 

1. Feedback Jam
2. Heart Shimmer
3. Avaz-e-Del
4. Hold My Hand, Go For a Walk
5. That’s Okay, Ruin it
6. Shy Night ft. Brenna Murphy
7. Come Around
8. Behind the Rock and Into the Tunnel
9. Mari’s Groove
10. A Walk and A Talk
11. Glimmer’s Kiss

Watch the video for ‘Feedback Jam’.


Ground Groove will be released on 18th October via Leaving Records.