Phase Fatale and Pablo Bozzi announce debut LP as Soft Crash


Soft Crash, the collaborative project of producers Phase Fatale and Pablo Bozzi, have announced their debut LP on BITE.

Your Last Everything follows the pair’s first EP Spritzkrieg, released in 2020 via the same label, which is helmed by Phase Fatale.

Both champions of the Italo Body Music sound, the pair continue to explore their shared influences from synthwave and EBM to Italo and techno, taking a “melancholic yet sensual approach” to mood and tone.


For their first full length release, they broaden these influences further, touching on acid, electro, bleep and IDM through layers of melodies and technical touches that tip the hat to high production methods of the 80s and 90s. Thematically, across the album’s eight track duration, the pair delve into dystopian cyberpunk and surreal cinematics, whilst continuing their exploration of the connection between technology and the body.

The artwork and logo were created by Berlin-based queer artists John Rohrer and Autopsia, respectively.

A1 / 1. Breaking The Ice
A2 / 2. Pourpre Sommeil
A3 / 3. Artificial Tears
A4 / 4. Count To Zero
B1 / 5. Hologram Rose
B2 / 6. Leviathan
B3 / 7. Your Last Everything Part 1
B4 / 8. Your Last Everything Part 2

Listen to Artificial Tears.


Your Last Everything will be released on 28th October via BITE.