More Eaze to release LP for Leaving Records


Texan producer More Eaze has announced a new album, Strawberry Season, for Leaving Records.

The album ruminates on the concept that there “remains an abundance of sweetness amidst our increasing unease”, translated through More Eaze’s melting pot of found sound, ambient, folk and experimental electronics.

A deep listening experience from start to finish, the music floats from beautifully arranged, wistful folk to sweeping textural bleeps and soaring pads via twinkling IDM-tinged electronics and processed vocals.


More Eaze is composer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and sound artist Mari Maurice whose work examines themes of gender, identity and perception. Her discography includes releases for Orange Milk, Lillerne Tapes and OOH Sounds, as well as a string of releases alongside her frequent collaborator Claire Rousay. As a performer she’s also collaborated with artists including Christina Carter, Seth Graham and Michael Pisaro.

1. Gentle Pets
2. Suped
3. Blank Check
4. Known
5. Cold
6. Your Call
7. Low Resolution at Santikos
8. Goodnight

Listen to ‘Cold’.


Strawberry Season will be out on November 9th via Leaving Records.