Klein Zage readies debut LP for Rhythm Section

Klein Zage Press Pic 1 by Drew Reilly

NYC-based artist Klein Zage has announced details of her debut LP ‘Feed The Dog’ for Rhythm Section International.

A departure from Klein Zage’s previous releases, the music across the long player blends alt-pop, shoegaze guitars, grunge and trip-hop punctuated by her mundane poetic spoken word.

In its entirety it’s reflective and contemplative, seeing her provide a deep, thoughtful commentary on the things in life that “we might miss if we are not looking”.


Written between Seattle, a remote Washington fjord called Hood Canal, and South London where Zage, real name Sage Redman, used to live, ‘Feed The Dog’ is a window into the music that she’s always been making but hasn’t reached our ears until now.

In her own words, Sage explains that the LP “is about the mundane, the routines that tether you to reality, caring for a living breathing being that needs you. Defending the ones you love”.

Klein Zage helms Orphan Records, the label she runs alongside longstanding collaborator Joey G ii. This has been the home for the majority of her previous work which fuses her witty social commentary with laidback electronic sounds.

01. Sand
02. Bored, With You
03. Accept Me As I Am
04. Make Me Better
05. Bored, With You (Interlude) 06. Prince
07. In The Gaze
08. Feed The Dog
09. For My Friends Of Lewisham

Listen to ‘Prince’.

Feed The Dog will be released on 28th October.