Pollination and Voices Radio set to screen documentary ‘Citizen of Moria’

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Art & Culture

London-based collective Pollination are teaming up with independent station Voices Radio to host a screening of documentary ‘Citizen of Moria’, alongside a Q&A with the director and the film’s protagonist.

Part of the film’s global tour, the screening will take place at Avalon Café in Bermondsey on 21st September, the UN International Day of Peace, with 50 tickets available on a ‘donate as you feel’ policy.

The 77-minute documentary, directed by Jawad Mir and the films’ protagonist, Ahmad Ebrahimi, follows Ahmad after he leaves his family in his native Afghanistan for survival against the Taliban.


Ahmad documented his journey which saw him end up at Moria Camp on Lesvos, often described as ‘Europe’s worst Refugee Detention Camp’, and digs into the 40 year history and pitfalls of the immigration system in Afghanistan and how it has left millions of people without homes.

The screening will feature a live Q&A with Jawad and Ahmad and be followed by a DJ set from REO and Cross, spanning dub, reggae, soul and more.

This marks the second time that Pollination and Voices Radio have teamed up, following their collaborative album release party two years ago for ‘Solidarity with Moria: All Refugees Welcome’, a project to support the community at Moria camp after it had been hit by a fire.

Watch the trailer on Vimeo.

Profits from ticket sales will be split between the film company, Sky Blue Productions Inc., and their promotional campaign, and ReFOCUS Media Labs.