Kasra V & Sepehr launch multi-disciplinary project ‘Flower Storm’

Flower Storm Press Pic

Iranian artists Kasra V and Sepehr have announced a new multi-disciplinary project, Flower Storm, that seeks to recontextualise the sounds rooted in their heritage through the lens of the club.

Comprised of a label, which will include a series of three EPs, as well as a live AV show, the project will dive deep into their motherlands and nationalities, fusing them with the contemporary club sonics that shape their own musical outputs.

The pair have created a bank of sounds that utilise tradition instruments like the Dab, Tonbak and Santoor, and sample passages from Farsi films, with different electronic music styles.


The first EP to be released is called Yek (meaning number 1 in Farsi), which explores mythical journey from ancient Iranian stories through a fusion of contemporary and classical sounds.

1. The Demon King
2. Sage’s Prophecy
3. This is My Court
4. The Evil Tyrant Has Been Captured

Yek will be released on 22nd May.