Tel-Aviv producer May Lavie announces EP for Human Endeavour Records


Tel Aviv-based producer, vocalist and live performer May Lavie joins the Ransom Note sub-label for its fourth release.

The four tracks on Are You Having A Good Day? are a window into May’s mind-expanding world, which she creates through hypnotic, textural loops and spoken samples dug up from all corners of the Internet.

She pairs passages of text from scientists, social activists and films that raise questions of human nature, with her intoxicating vocals and a cosmic concoction of indie dance, synth-wave and electronica.


The psychedelia is palpable from the off as May’s harmonies soar above a driving bass line. The vocal sample floats in to pose the title’s question, ‘Are You Having A Good Day?’, before twinkling keys cascade overhead and cosmic melodies ring out. ’The Poem’ picks things up next. Eerie and hypnotic, a dizzying vocal passage is layered over a bewitching, echoing synth line, moody pads and May’s gliding voice.

The hypnotic effect continues on ‘Who Sent You Here?’. Warm sub bass underpins the synth work and layers of pads, which give way to Hebrew-inspired mandolin melodies and mysterious vocals drenched in reverb. The moody sonics of ‘The Illusion’ complete the package. A mystifying melody and solid kick plod along, while May’s vocal chants ring out over a psychedelic melodica sequence.

May Lavie describes the EP as: “aimed towards a late-night dance floor. I want to reach people inside a psychedelic moment and explore our mind’s flexibility together.”

May Lavie is a Tel Aviv-based vocalist, musician and producer who performs live with her one- woman show. Her debut EP was released on Nana Disc in 2020, and followed up by two singles for Myco Music and a self-released single titled ‘The Perception’.

Human Endeavour is part of Ransom Note Records’ family of sub-labels. Curated and run by Ransom Note Editor, and one half of DJ duo Kiara Scuro, Rosie Ama Cain, the label will be a “space for artists who are exploring the dark, deep and hypnotic corners of the musical spectrum.” Since its inception last June, the label has shared a Various Artists release featuring music from Anatolian Weapons, Nandele and Albino Sound, and two solo artist EPs from Anastasia Zems and Reda Saiarh.

1. Are You Having A Good Day?
2. The Poem
3. Who Sent You Here?
4. The Illusion

Listen to the snippets.

The lead single will be released on 19th April. The full release drops on 9th May – pre-order via Bandcamp. The artwork was created by designer Sam Bailey.