John Talabot’s Pensaments Sònics release debut LP by The Drift Institute


Pensaments Sònics – a relatively new label run by John Talabot and Hivern Discs – welcomes The Drift Institute to the fold, a new project by Swiss producer & DJ NVST and French producer & DJ Théo Muller. Their debut album ‘Damages And Their Slices’ is described as ‘an unadulterated, immersive world of black magic & political revolt’, combining dark ambient, drone, industrial music, dub & trip-hop.

Here’s a new project with quite a backstory, one shaped by fantasy but rooted in dark realities. Conceived by the artists Nast Brutalo aka NVST & Théo Muller, The Drift Institute draws on witchcraft and occult ideas to create an origin story that revolves around a mysterious secret society. Based in a remote Gothic castle, The Drift Institute is framed as a cabal with a mission to purge evil and corruption through shamanic ceremonies. The kind of ritualistic bender you imagine the likes of Coil and Diamanda Galás might enjoy.

Their debut album ‘Damages And Their Slices’ is a more subtle proposition than this prologue might suggest though. Elements of dark ambient, drone, industrial music, dub & trip-hop emerge across twelve tracks, with surreal spoken word provided by NVST, confronting everything from anti-capitalist critique to police brutality and mass surveillance. Not exactly light subject matter, nevertheless it’s an engaging and imaginative premise, and an unconventional but effective springboard for free and defiant expression.

Bringing to mind the dream logic voice note dialogues of that mammoth Voice Actor release on Stroom as well as the dynamics of heavyweight dub and raw musicianship explored by Valentina Magaletti and Al Wootton as Holy Tongue, this one comes highly recommended.

‘Damages And Their Slices’ is out now on Pensaments Sònics, the label run by Hivern Discs and John Talabot, their second release following ‘Music For Melted Floors’ by Gang Of Ducks co-founder Sabla. Available on vinyl and digitally.

Listen to the full album HERE.
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