Premiere: Theo Muller – Sea Spirits Calling


As if he were in a strange recurring dream, each night he awoke at the same time, disturbed by the crashing waves below his lodgings. No matter the season, as soon as night fell the sea seemed to have a mind of its own; murky black depths that threatened to drag you beneath. But it wasn’t just the water that stirred a fear deep inside him, something else strange was at play here…

Rinse France resident Clad launches his new label, GRID Records, into the world, with a compilation called ‘Improvisations’. Like the name suggests, he brings on board friends and affiliates, including E-Unity, Realitycheck, Troy Gunner, C.Coiffure and Théo Muller, to deliver tracks that explore new sonic paths and divert from their normal output. Like the concept itself, Clad took an instinctive approach to putting the compilation together, not overthinking or overpolishing its final format, instead appreciating the contributions as they are: “beautifully human”.