Premiere: NVST – Stop Violence Motivate Violence


The fighting had broken out several days ago and there had been little respite since. Pleas had come from both sides but nothing seemed to settle the violence, peace wasn’t on the horizon. The media had done their worst, pitting each side against the other, scapegoating them for the bad decisions made by those who wield the power. The terrain ahead was unchartered so they braced themselves for the worst.

Benedikt Frey and Menqui’s Serious Trouble imprint return with another batch of gritty electronic excursions, this time courtesy of producer NVST. Part of the Statement Crew, Female:Pressure and one half of the team behind the Big Science label, she’s got plenty of firm roots within electronic music, which she’s now extending to her own productions and the release of her debut solo EP, ‘Stop Violence Motivate Violence’. Full of driving rhythms, warbling metallic synths, crunchy breaks and stuttering vocal samples, the release is an accomplished introduction to NVST’s sound palate, bolstered by a remix from Benedikt on the flip.