Premiere: Exhausted Modern ft. NVST – Something Stronger


Amidst the dark confines of her room she surveyed the varying sized bottles on her bedside table. Each one was plastered with various instructions and recommended dosages; some promising effects that she swore were near to non-existent. Nothing really helped to solve or even mask the emotions that were clawing away at her. She knew she needed something stronger…

After notching up releases with the likes of brokntoys, Rotterdam Electronix and OMO Recordings, Czech producer Exhausted Modern returns to his own Endless Illusion imprint for the second time to release his debut album, The Year Of The Rat. Not claiming to have all the answers, but offering his perspective on these modern times, across the LP Exhausted Modern comments on the broken mechanics of society, capitalistic hierarchisation and the emotional frustration of those who fall victim to it.