Joakim announces remix package of his ‘Second Nature’ LP


Eight months on from the release of his acclaimed album, Second Nature, Joakim has invited several producers to rework the original tracks.

Released on Tigersushi Records, the remix package features music from a stellar cast of producers, both established and up-and-coming, including Paula Tape, 808 State, Flora Yin-Wong & Russell E.L. Butler.

Each handpicked by Joakim, who bridges the gap between genres, eras and generations, elsewhere on the release there’s new interpretations from Buttechno, RAMZi, Pierre Rousseau, Mad Professor, River Yarra and Scott Young, all of which form a cohesive record that’s intended to be listened from start to finish.


As its title suggests, the original album was a commentary on how we need to redefine our relationship to nature, and touches on elements of pop, house and ambient.

1 Leviathan (Flora Yin Wong remix) 4:18
2 Formosan Rock (RAMZi ouatt‚é remix) 3:18
3 Kepler-39 (808 State remix) 5:50
4 Owling Gorilla (Scott Young remix) 5:59
5 Formosan Rock (River Yarra remix) 5:35
6 Make It Slow (Mad Professor dub) 7:18
7 Indri Eyes (remixed by Pierre Rousseau) 7:02
8 Formosan Rock (Paula Tape remix) 6:24
9 Blood Garden (Russell E.L. Butler’s Garden Variety Mix) 6:42
10 Formosan Rock (Buttechno remix) 5:46

Second Nature Remixes will be out on 27th May via Tigersushi Records.