Hyperdub Artists Create Symphonies For Landmarks


Hyperdub boss Kode9 has been joined by label mate DVA in creatingmusic to accompany a walking tour of Italian city Turin. The tracks are part of the 'Great Symphony For Torino' project set up by the British Council – an 'augmented reality' soundtrack under the artistic direction of Kode9. Kode9 and DVA have been joined by local musicians, composing six tracks dedicated to as many city landmarks by using only sounds from the locations. The project was first completed a year ago – now Kode9 has added a seventh track, a remix of the other tracks that had come before. You can listen to all 7 tracks by a) walking around Turin, scanning QX codes or b) pressing play on the playlist below-

With the launch of the second phase of the project, everyone is invited to take part in a musical competition. Joining is simple: download the stems that make up the A Great Symphony tracks (available at http://j.mp/AGSFT2) and then create your own remix. Send an email to info@clubtoclub.it with the subject "A Great Symphony For Turin remix", your name (or moniker) and a link to download your track, which will then be uploaded on the project's Soundcloud page.

The author of the best remix, as selected by Club To Club Festival's team, will be chosen to compose a track for the next edition of this project.

Deadline for submissions is 31st January 2015.