Hardway Bros


While the world around us is losing its head to tepid 'underground house' – not all but a great deal of – it's comforting and indeed inspiring to know there's people like Hardway Bros still pushing the button on off kilter dancefloor productions.

Having been a lover and regular of Mr Sean Johnston AKA Hardway Bros & Andrew Weatherall's slow mo monthly A Love From Outer Space in the basement of an N16 boozer it's difficult not to be massively biased about this release… so I'm not going to try.
Lead track Mania Theme is a mid tempo acid chugger that was made for low ceilinged basements with rather large and crisp systems. I've only got it blasting from my lowly system at home, as the sun dips below the buildings opposite and it feels like a religious experience. Full marks on those key swathes Mr Johnston.  Andrew Weatherall adds a signature live bass to his remix, coupled with synth arpeggios to produce a real chunky trademark bomb. It's boring to keep banging on about how on form he is at present but there really doesn't seem to be a foot that he's putting wrong. The gentleman that is Toby Tobias balaericises (technical word that) the original with his remix. Early Four Tet-esque wind chimes in the intro give way to woozy sunshine filled joy. Forget Ibiza, this is Croatian-Balearia sunset groove laden perfection. Don't forget the touch of acid.
Showing a degree of ignorance here in not realising second original track from Hardway Bros on this package is a reconstruction of an old Hardkiss track Pacific Coastal Highway. A tougher, faster, stronger, heads down acid throbber it just highlights the diversity of the producer. Reminds me of when people used to actually dance in clubs, not fall around on shit K.

Out on Is It Balearic..? very soon I strongly you suggest you track a copy of this ridiculously great package down before it disappears. 

Pre Order a copy from Piccadilly… do it.
Do it right now.