First Listen: Look Like – Unknown Lqh


Mistress is the pioneering record label run by DVS1. Since its formation the label has acted as an output for DVS1 to release music removed from the techno driven sound of which he is most commonly associated with. It has acted as a platform for the likes of Daniel Jacques, Asok and Lapien to release music on, however, now it is the turn of a young Colombian-Swiss producer to feature on the label as he delivers their ninth release. Four tracks are accompanied by an exclusive digital add on which we bring to you below. He guides us through "Unknown LQH"…

"As the other four tracks on my Mistress release are mainly based on hardware, my idea behind „Unknown LQH“ was to work with a bit more audio and put the machines aside. In the days before I recorded it, I was watching some old science fiction TV series that influenced me to work on a more mysterious and darker style. When I discover, for example a short part of a song that I want to sample, I record it through some filter, LFO or Delay hardware into my software. Once it's done I try to stay open minded about the multiple ways of editing. While working like this I discovered that the magic often happens when I'm not thinking too much and just try new stuff out and play around. When I look back now it’s a kind of paradox because synthesizers & machines are probably the best tools around the Unknown-UFO theme.“

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