Faux Poly celebrate year anniversary with new remix series


Faux Poly mark their first birthday with the announcement of a series of remix compilations.

Released quarterly, each volume in the series will see label bosses Kassian enlist a batch of producers to rework material from the label’s back catalogue so far.

For the first instalment, ‘Remixed 001′, they’ve invited the likes of Skudge, Emanuel, Demi Riquísimo and more, who’ve delivered their own takes on four originals from Kassian and two from Jay Carder’s debut outing last year, Entropy.


By bringing on artists from all corners of the musical spectrum, Faux Poly hope to see the label material reworked for different settings, whether that’s for the dance floor or home listening.

Since launching in 2022 Kassian have released five solo EPs, three from themselves and two from Jay Carder and Ste Roberts. This year sees a packed schedule with more Remixed compilations on the horizon and artist EPs from Sister Zo, Adam Curtain, and Guava to name a few.

1. Kassian – Off World Vehicles (Skudge Remix)
2. Jay Carder – Eva’s Stoned (Emanuel Remix)
3. Jay Carder – So Carelessly (Demi Riquísimo Remix)
4. Kassian – Actions (DJ Crisps Remix)
5. Kassian – Actions (Kristin Velvet Remix)
6. Kassian – Akkala Falls (DJ Counselling Remix)
7. Kassian – Akkala Falls (Oscar Farr Remix)
8. Kassian – No Clear Shape (Liebus Remix)

Remixed 001 will be released on 31st March.