Exquisite Corpse’s Robbert Heijnen and Debbie Jones are XqST on new release


Isla has announced the release of an eight track record which features music recorded between 1996 and 2003 from Exquisite Corpse's Robbert Heijnen and Debbie Jones. The pair worked on a number of abstract musical experiments during this period and this will be the first time that the work has seen the light of day under the guise of XqST. The majority of the music featured on the new release stems from jamming sessions in North Vancouver. 

The label has described the pairs relationship as follows:

"Very excited to be sharing this one as it's also a homage in a way to the late Debbie Jones AKA The Mixtress Deejay Venus, a key part of the 80s/ 90s Vancouver underground scene! Debbie booked and DJ'd at the legendary Luvaffair venue, was one of the founders of the publication Discotext with Robbert Shea and eventually met Robbert Heijnen of PWOG int he Netherlands after going there to write an article about the group for Discotext. Robbert and Debbie started seeing each other after her stay there, she joined Exquisite Corpse and then both of them came back to Vancouver, married, and continued making music both as Exquisite Corpse (with Tim Freeman) and contractions of the name, like the X-COR project as well as these previously unreleased XqST recordings."

The release will be available from April later this year. Buy HERE