Dominik von Senger to release new LP


The krautrock pioneer is set to release a new album on Inversions on the 6th of September next month. Dominik von Senger remains a pivotal figure amist the kruatrock sphere having played a defining role in the evolution of the genre in the 70s and 80s. During this period he recorded music at both his Brüsseler Platz dwelling and in the Inner Space studio of Can in Weilerswist and released music as a member of the Phantom Band and Dunkelziffer as well as independently on the likes of veraBra Records and Fünfundvierzig.

The new album is a reflective tape made up of sound bites and jams recorded at Brüsseler Platz, a place in which many touring musicians passed through and as such the album features collaborations and guest appearances from an eclectic array of figures. All of the material was lost to the depths of tapes which would require restoration. The process of release and formation is described as follows:

"Dominik was unable to listen to or digitise them as he no longer owned a Revox A77. Having been introduced by Andy Grier, a bandmate of Thomas Franklin (Inversions co-founder with Milo Smee), the label purchased the machine for him, with a view to a potential release. Dominik allowed Thomas and Milo a free hand in selecting the material to use, and the trio decided to adopt a collage-based approach, with the pieces transfigured into a dynamic, unified yet fluctuating whole, reflecting and complementing the spontaneity with which the fragments were originally captured."

The release is called simply "Brüsseler Platz" and is set for release on vinyl next month.