David E. Sugar

In tune with David E. Sugars heritage Id thought about writing this in Gameboy sounds, but all those beeps might grate after a while, so Ill just stick to words.Memory Store, released on Sunday Best on 22nd November, sees David E Sugars evolution from a respected underground proponent of the chip-tune scene to a disco-indie-electro-funk-pop live three-piece band.

And its a good move. Memory Store is drenched in catchy hooks, conspicuous, driven basslines and frank lyrics that deliver an album brimming with great pop songwriting. While his chip-tune heritage is still audible in many of the tracks, such as the first single Party Killer, this album is steeped in funked guitars that produce a much more dynamic band vibe.

At times I found myself thinking that Memory store is a bit like those super sour sweets: fun, interesting sweetness thats more stimulating than most of the scene, but eat too many and they make your tongue hurt. Or in this case your ears, as some of the vocals can get a bit much if you listen to the album on repeat for an hour. But that aside, the sugary rush is worth the pain, and the Memory Store is more than worth a listen, and probably a little dance too.


Free remix of David E Sugars new single Flea Market
Flea Market (Third Party Remix)
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