Congorock Babylon


I find the way styles are colliding together increasingly baffling. I know Ive said it before, but there is no way, absolutely no way that I would have predicted that grime would have ended up with Wiley covering White Town. Similarly I find the US penchant for rave rap slightly terrifying. I mean does Flo Rida listen to Justice in his drop top ? Does he ? Like a big French poof ? Whatever happened to tribalism ? In the good old days if you liked Pearl Jam you got your head kicked in by someone in a Dreamscape puffer. Now, for all I know Eddie Vedders thinking about covering For an Angel with Chris Cornell on synths and Barry Mooncult on Jews Harp. Next thing you know well haver Diplo banging out tunes with Tiesto. Oh.

So this is one of those tunes that doesnt give a fuck about genres (man). Its a bit Pon De Floor, in that its got some good hypey jumping riffs and Lexxus toasting away over em, its a bit UK Funky with its soca inspired snare clatters, and then uhhhmmm it all goes into some sort of Ed Banger techno grind out with huge gnarling synths descending from the ether, rolling around on the floor for a minute or two then pissing off back to whence they came. I think its kinda of fun, but maybe possibly its an appalling novelty track that will totally do your head in. I havent heard it in a club yet so the juries out. Decide for yourself.

Ian Mcquaid

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