Clinging to the last vestiges of summer…

The Concretes – Good Evening (Blackbird Blackbird mix)

As my tired hangover took hold this morning what should land in my inbox… but an aural cure in the form of the Blackbird mix of The Concretes ‘Good Evening.

The beauty and wonder of the Concretes gets a blissed-out balearic sunshine re-rub from Blackbird Blackbird.
I’m back on that roof in beefa all over again shaking those maracas… sorry, gourds as the sun breaks it’s first rays through the imposing morning cloud.
Time o your life mate, time o your life.Album’s none too shabby neither… this, however is truly beautiful.
My day has taken a turning upwards… to the clouds.
Fare thee well for the last sunshine filled weekend soon come… allegedly!

First posted on Heaven Is A Place Where Nothing Ever Happens last week… when the sun was still shining!