Caribou Odessa


Canadian mainstay Caribou has returned with an almighty lurching Jabberwocky of a track thats easily the finest of his career, and possibly the finest pop record released this decade. Opening with rubber bass foot falls, the cawing of beasts and the rattling percussion of a bring-out-your-dead horse and cart, Odessa is a mournful rumination on a destructive, inescapable relationship. Composer Dr Daniel Snaith* sings, detached and fey over the juddering, splintering new wave backing . As the song reaches a climax his voice is superceded by a brittle whirling arpeggio, accompanied by cold fingers of percussion stabbing their icicle nails back into the broken heart of the beat. Immense in headphones or on the dancefloor, no doubt, this is a classic.

* Hes got a PhD in Mathmatics from Imperial… check out the name of his thesis- Overconvergent Siegel Modular Symbols massive gold star to Caribou for being as far from Liam Gallagher as its possible to get.

Ian Mcquaid

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