Biologic Records showcase Marseille and Brussels artists on new compilation


Biologic Records, the label run by Abstraxion and DC Salas, showcase emerging artists in their respective homes of Marseille and Brussels.

Split over two sides, MRS x BXL celebrates each underground music scene and the sounds at the core of the long-standing imprint, which is now in its 17th year.

On the A-Side, three artists from Brussels lead the charge. Label mate Azo, who debuted on the imprint earlier this year with her Space Tourism EP, opens things up alongside DJ Lovepills with a slice of cosmic boogie house.



Fuse resident and Not Your Techno founder Sara Dziri steps up next with a synth-driven groove, before label co-boss DC Salas rounds things off with some slo mo acid.

The Marseille crew then take over on the flip, with Caïn و Muchi kicking things off with a mystical Persian-influence prayer call. Abstraxion then picks up things after that with an Italo cut, which leads into Oras Elone’s pulsating dark synth cut to bring the EP to a close.

Biologic Records has been running since 2005, operating out of both Marseille and Brussels. The label has released music from label co-founders Abstraxion and DC Salas, as well as music from Caroline Duris, Gameboyz, Zombies In Miami and more.

1. Azo & DJ Lovepills – Cosmic Paella
2. Sara Dziri – The Runner
3. DC Salas – We’re Still Here
4. Caïn و Muchi – Salat
5. Abstraxion – Italo Crush
6. Oras Elone – Alarm

MRS x BXL is out on 2nd December.