Infinite Machine ready 100th label release from Design Default

IM100_Design Default

Mexico City’s Infinite Machine celebrate reaching 100 releases with an EP from Design Default.

The Parisian producer joins the label with Quartz Silica, a release inspired by dystopian anime series like Trigun & Neon Genesis Evangelion that showcases his dedication to textural sound design.

Taking cues from jazz in his meandering arrangements and industrial in his use of metallic, distorted sounds, he creates intricate and hypnotic drum heavy experiments that are full of drama.


Paradoxe Club affiliate De Grandi completes the package with a heavily syncopated remix of ‘S.E.E.D.S’ that crawls along through the darkness.

Infinite Machine launched in 2011 and celebrated their 10 year anniversary last year with a sprawling compilation. The label has been home to artists like Bwana, Troy Gunner, Man Sing, Daniel Ruane and many more.

1. Between Wasteland and Sky 2. A.S.K
3. S.E.E.D.S
5. S.E.E.D.S (De Grandi Remix)

Quartz Silica is out 2nd December.